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Ways To Avoid Buying A Lemon

That is why some car buyers choose to shop around for a used car. You save yourself that steep initial drop-off in value. More importantly, you get a car that runs just as well, is just as dependable, and looks and feels as good as that new caróthat is if you play your cards right.
For if there is one pitfall of buying a used car, itís the risk of buying a lemon, you get the point: the wrong car. Used car dealers, after all, have nearly as bad a reputation, if not worse, than lawyers do. The opposite to that, of course, is that there are some real steals out there in used cars. Below are some great ways to avoid buying a lemon.

  • Use a certified pre-owned search engine like https://www.cars.com/. Cars.com offers you certified pre-owned car section so you know what you are getting! Check them out for all of your car buying needs.
  • Use Cars.com to find reputable dealers. One of the most unethical, but legal, things someone can do to you sell you a used car that has been in a flood and kind of repaired, or one that had 10 previous owners – none of whom repaired it. To be sure you donít fall victim to this, track down a history report, including a clearance check on the vehicle title. You can even get some of this information from the seller, simply by asking why they are selling it. Youíd is surprised what beans people may spill.
  • Examine for past damage. Used car dealers may also try to peddle a vehicle that was wrecked in a major accident. Itís amazing what auto body experts can do to repair a carís exterior. So donít go by the outer appearances of a vehicle. Before you buy it, make sure that it does not have serious damage to its frame, which it would have if it was involved in a crash.
  • Call up your trusted mechanic. Used car dealers, especially the big lots, will say they put their used cars through a ì100 point inspection,î or something like that. Once again, a second opinion is in order. Get this one from your own mechanic. Heíll is able to tell how good a shape the car actually is in. Also be sure to ask him or her how often the car had been serviced. A good mechanic can even gauge that.
  • Research for recalls. Needless to say, a used car dealer may sell you a car thatís actually under recall in his mad rush to get the car off his lot. So be sure to call the car manufacturer, or visit Cars.com web site, to see if the vehicle has any active recalls.
  • Take the test drive. Once you’ve did all your research, homework, extra credit, and everything else called for in the first seven steps, then comes the funóthe test drive. Drive the car for as long as its owner or dealer will allow you. Then youíll get a better feel for how the vehicle handles, accelerates, brakes, and otherwise suits your tastes (or doesnít).

Follow these simple steps to avoid the scams and pitfalls of used car deals, and you could get the car of your dreamsófor far less than youíd pay if it was brand-new. Plus, you get that same high when you drive your new used car home, without losing thousands of dollars.…

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Good, Fair and Bad Credit Auto Loans

When it comes to buying a new car, you might want to check your credit score before applying for a new loan. Loans can be tricky, and some financial institutions can deny you. The last thing you want is to run your credit with a financial institution that has no intention of loaning you money when you don’t have a great credit history. Communication is key in securing an auto loan in today’s financial market. Below are just some of the ways you can get into a new or used car with good, fair or bad credit.


The Good News

Credit isn’t as hard to secure as it used to be with ‘not so great’ credit. Many companies offer loans specifically designed to help those with a bad credit history get back on their feet. Credit Unions are a great place to start if you have bad or fair credit. When it comes to good credit, your personal banking instution is a great place to go. The key, no matter what your credit score, is to talk to the financial instition before you let them run your credit. Discuss things like: what your credit score is, likely interest rates of loans, loan terms you can apply for, as well as the amount you are likely to secure.


Finding A Fair Deal

A great way to find a fair deal is to use an auto loan calculator. The online auto calculator at Cars.com is free and easy to use when you’re looking for a car loan. Simply adjust the length of loan, down payment and interest rate to see how each changes the amount of your payments. This is a great way to avoid letting a delearship run your credit multiple times; which can really take a toll on your score. The average run costs you 15 to 20 points. Running it once is fine, three to five can turn a fair score into a bad one in one day. Using the auto loan calculator can get you the information you need to take to the bank and talk with a personal banker before you run your credit just one time.


Getting Over Your Bad Credit

Bad credit can easily be resolved with a little bit of effort. Simply run a free credit check online. You might be surprised at your score. Next, understand what is affecting your score. Anything from delinquent utilities, to student loans, and even medical bills can effect your score. If it’s not perfect, it’s okay. Be sure to talk this over with a financial institution like a credit union that may have solutions to offer you. You could turn your credit around by simply paying off an old phone bill, and get into a new or used car in no time.



Putting Your Smartphone To Good Use

Your smartphone can be your best friend when securing a great deal on a car loan. Download the Cars.com On The Go app for your Android or iPhone. Take it to any dealership, scan the VIN of any vehicle, and you’ll get instant information about the price of the car on your phone. Save your top searches. Then take them to a bank to talk about a potential loan, rates, and interest. You’ll save big without even talking to a sales person.…

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